How to Use a Power of Attorney in the Real Estate Field

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows another person the ability to act on your behalf without your permission. You can use a Power of Attorney to manage your finances, your property and other daily personal affairs. For instance, if you had a Power of Attorney that allowed your son to drive your vehicle when you were not at home, you would have no control over this if you died or became incapacitated. The document itself does not give the right to do what you want, but rather gives the power. In most cases, once the Power of Attorney expires, the power automatically passes to the person who has been given the authority. This article briefly discusses the use and importance of Medical Power Of Attorney Georgia.

How often should you use a Power of Attorney? If you are going to hire someone to manage your finances or make important business decisions for you, it is important that you use the document every time you authorize them. You should also use the document to hire your own attorney in the event that you become incapacitated or pass away. The last thing you want to do is create a Power of Attorney that will become ineffective because you do not use it.

Who should you use as your Power of Attorney? Your close family member or spouse should be able to understand the implications of having this authority given to someone else. If you are planning to use a Power of Attorney with a child younger than 18, your Power of Attorney will need to be limited to specific tasks, such as handling his/her financial accounts.

How should you use a Power of Attorney? You should only use this form of legal document if you are certain that you understand its purpose and can fully comprehend the terms of its use. To determine whether you are capable of accomplishing this, take time to think about why you are creating the Power of Attorney. Is it just a matter of having another person take care of your financial affairs while you are away? Or is this a means to safeguard your most valuable assets? Read more now about the benefits of this Georgia Power Of Attorney.

Will using a Power of Attorney protect your other property interests? If you sell your home, mortgage your car, or assets like your business, you may want to protect your interests by having another person sign your document. Likewise, if you die, your estate will no longer have to deal with probate, administration, and will owe your beneficiaries (who are the people who will actually receive your property) money if they do not appoint an agent to act on your behalf. Simply put, you want someone to make sure your last wishes are carried out - and this is why you would want to use a Power of Attorney.

Do you need a specific person to sign your document? A Power of Attorney for one person can be effective if that person is knowledgeable about the state laws regarding creating a Power of Attorney. However, this does not mean that you should not sign a Power of Attorney for another individual. You should ensure that the individual you choose knows the law and has sufficient knowledge to execute your Power of Attorney. If not, it may not serve your interest best, as you may have inadvertently created a conflict of interest. You can get more enlightened on this topic by reading here:

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